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Welcome to Burys Court Preparatory School. The fact that you have come to this web site probably means you have an interest in education and in what our school has to offer for dyslexic children. However, a web site tells only part of the story. The best way to experience the friendly, positive atmosphere and to appreciate our setting is to visit the school, talk to us and, most importantly, see our children at work and play.

We hope the following statement of our aims captures and encapsulates the ethos of our school.

Burys Court School is a typical preparatory school with one important difference. It has specialist dyslexia trained teachers and assistants to teach its pupils within a normal mainstream school environment. We provide the high quality rounded education along with all the other extra curricular activities and sport that is expected of an independent school.  What distinguishes us is the fact that our dyslexic pupils are not a minority group who are given extra help which sets them apart from their peers.  Here the pupils and parents can be confident that all of our resources are directed towards providing an education suited to them; one which is designed to identify and work with the pupils' strengths and talents as well as provide them with strategies to manage their dyslexia. 

Burys Court School takes the children up to Year 6. It includes Little Berries Nursery School, which is a typical nursery school although geared to identifying children who may prove to be dyslexic. Dyslexia is a genetic condition and it is important to try to pick up indicators at as early a stage as possible. The sooner the right expert help is given when children start to read the easier it is for a dyslexic child to learn how to overcome and manage his or her dyslexia.

Moon Hall College, our Senior School, takes the children from Year 7 up to Year 11 and GCSE.

Burys Court School fosters family values: each child is known to practically every member of staff.  Each child we admit is important to us as an individual whose needs are to be understood and met and whose talents are to be found and encouraged. 

Teaching throughout the school follows the normal mainstream curriculum but is designed to be ‘dyslexia friendly’.  Our special needs provision is not given by taking pupils out of classes.  Instead we operate with trained specialist teachers and teaching assistants.  This enables all our pupils to do the correct work for their age group in class whether or not their English skills have yet caught up with their age.  Most lessons have at least two members of staff working together.  Classes are split into even smaller groups for English and Maths so that the teachers can give the individual help needed in the classroom and the pupils do not miss any part of the curriculum by being taken out.  If a pupil still needs one to one or extra group lessons on top of this, our policy is to do these in less academic lesson times as far as possible.  We give lessons of this sort as and when needed and sometimes as a short course to give a boost. 

We are extremely fortunate to have the location we do at Burys Court.  We own 14 acres of grounds set a third of a mile along a farm drive that runs off Flanchford Road.  We are surrounded by the large Charrington Farms Estate.  As well as organised games and sport on our playing fields, the younger children play under supervision in the woods during their breaks, make camps and dens and can climb approved trees to a specified height subject to our rules on safety.  Ours is an environment that stimulates a child’s imagination.  Pupils here learn through their play (as generations have done before them) to be imaginative, to co-operate, to organise, to be responsible and to become risk aware of both expected and unexpected hazards.  Above all, they have fun in a happy, caring and supportive environment in which they can thrive. 

Within this environment, we seek to develop our pupils’ personality and self confidence and to instil in them an understanding of the importance of respect for one’s self and for others, self discipline, a sense of duty, courtesy, initiative and hard work.  We teach Christian values in a multi-cultural context and we welcome children of all faiths and of none equally.

Our aim is to develop self-assured, polite, articulate individuals with an understanding of the challenges facing the world in which we live and the ambition and confidence to take the opportunities for achievement that will come their way.  We hope they will look back on their time here with fond memories.

Overall, we provide a broad and balanced education that: -

  • Promotes academic excellence and establishes sound work habits which enable each child to achieve his or her potential
  • Caters for individual needs and stresses the importance of self worth
  • Provides opportunities for attaining personal goals and offers a wide range of activities through which the children can discover and develop their skills and aptitudes
  • Teaches the importance of moral and social values and encourages self discipline, responsibility, good manners and thoughtfulness for others
  • Develops an understanding of our environment and the importance of conservation.

In all that we do, we seek to foster core values of confidence, compassion, respect and ambition.

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Moon Hall Schools Educational Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. It is our aim that every pupil fulfils their potential.



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